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Quality Assurance

California Peptide Research, Inc. is committed to quality

Successful research outcomes require the use of the highest quality reagents. CPRI provides only the highest quality peptides to support our customers' research efforts. We are fanatical about quality control and provide what is considered to be the highest quality standards in the peptide industry. These quality control and quality assurance protocols apply to each peptide we synthesize.

We employ rigorous methods to synthesize, purify, and characterize each peptide that is delivered from our facility. Before we release a product we verify that the quality and identity meets customer specifications, as documented by the analytical data sheets supplied with each product.

Each peptide comes complete with the following information:

  • a QC summary sheet,
  • reverse phase HPLC profile to verify purity,
  • mass spectrometry to verify molecular weight,
  • amino acid analysis to verify composition.

We use outside laboratories to provide the amino acid analysis and mass spectrometry. This third-party verification allows us to remain objective and has helped us achieve an excellent record of delivering top quality peptides since 1993.

Our catalog peptides typically are 97% or 98% purity which will give you confidence that you are using the highest quality peptides in your research.