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To receive a quote for a custom peptide synthesis, please fill out the form below, then click the submit button. Please use the one-letter or three-letter amino acid codes starting with the N-terminus and ending with the C-terminus; be sure to designate your termini and any required modifications. Substitutions on the peptide can be denoted by using standard chemical abbreviations.

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Amino Acid Codes
Alanine A (Ala)
Arginine R (Arg)
Asparagine N (Asn)
Aspartic Acid D (Asp)
Cysteine C (Cys)
Glutamic Acid E (Glu)
Glutamine Q (Gln)
Glycine G (Gly)
Histidine H (His)
Isoleucine I (Ile)
Leucine L (Leu)
Lysine K (Lys)
Methionine M (Met)
Phenylalanine F (Phe)
Proline P (Pro)
Serine S (Ser)
Threonine T (Thr)
Tryptophan W (Trp)
Tyrosine Y (Tyr)
Valine V (Val)