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Our Company

California Peptide Research, Inc. provides custom, modified catalog and catalog non-cGMP peptide services. CPRI was founded in 1993 as a global manufacturing partner for leading life science organizations, government agencies and research professionals who needed assistance with difficult or uniquely modified custom peptide requests. Over time, the company added catalog peptides and ancillary services and our catalog now contains nearly 600 of the most frequently ordered items with the same quality standards as custom orders.

We maintain long-standing relationships with our employees, vendors, suppliers and clients. The majority of our customers are repeat clients, and CPRI peptides have been featured in a vast number of scientific research papers and publications. We have synthesized over 10,000 peptides to the highest quality standards. These proven results validate our mission to provide the highest quality peptides to support our customers' research goals..

Our clients have direct access to CPRI’s science team in order to leverage their technical expertise and develop strategies to meet desired criteria. We work tirelessly to be an extension of your research organization providing value-added expertise in a cost effective manner. Every peptide that leaves our facility undergoes strict manufacturing processes in order to control the flow of information and guarantee the highest quality.

All information regarding custom peptide synthesis projects is controlled by the client and confidential into perpetuity.

We look forward to working with you to fullfill your peptide needs.