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Custom Peptide Synthesis

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California Peptide Research, Inc. was started in 1993 as a global manufacturing partner for research professionals and organizations who needed assistance with difficult or uniquely modified peptides. The nature of our organization lends itself to direct communication with CPRI’s science team to help you develop strategies to meet desired outcome criteria. Our quality standards and vast experience will allow you to achieve your goals.

We help design and synthesize high purity cyclic, linear and modified peptides using solid or liquid phase. Optimized Fmoc and Boc methodologies are employed for peptide syntheses. The peptides are purified using two HPLC profiles to confirm the required purity. Additionally, each peptide undergoes mass spectrometry analysis to verify molecular weight and amino acid analysis to verify composition. We can synthesize quantities from several milligrams to hundreds of grams in purities of up to 99%.

All peptides are treated with complete confidentially.

For a quote on a custom peptide please use our quote request form.

Available Custom Peptide Modifications

  • C-terminal modifications
    • Aldehydes
    • Alcohols
    • Chloromethyl Ketones
    • Ester
    • N-Alkyl Amides
    • Hydrazides
  • Cyclic peptides
    • N -> C
    • Disulfide (S-S bond formation)
  • Dehydro peptides
    • dehydroalanine; dehydroleucine, dehydroproline
  • Drug-peptide conjugates

  • Dye-labeled peptides:
    • C-terminal
      • AFC, AMC, Dap(Dnp), Lys(Dye), pNA
    • N-terminal
      • FAM, FITC, MCA
  • FRET Substrates
    • EDANS
    • DABCYL
    • other FRET pairs
  • Glycopeptides

  • Heavy Isotope Labeled Peptides (peptides labeled with D, C13, N15)

  • HFIP Treated Beta Amyloids
    • 1-40 and 1-42 Variants
  • Lactam peptides

  • Lipopeptides
    • Prenylated
    • Farnesyl
    • Geranyl
  • MAPS (Multiple Antigenic Peptide)

  • Methylated peptides
    • Lys(Me), Lys(Me)2, Lys(Me)3, Arg(Me)2 symmetrical, Arg(Me)2 assymmetrical
    • Na-Methylated
    • Ca-Methylated
  • N-terminal Modifications
    • Acetylated
    • Biotinylated
    • Bromoacetylated
    • DOTA
    • Formylated
    • Myristoylated
    • Succinylated
  • Pegylated peptides

  • Peptide bond modifications
    • Ester (Depsipeptides)
    • Amine (reduced amide bond)
  • Phosphopeptides
    • Phosphoserine, Phosphothreonine, Phosphotyrosine
  • Sulfated Tyrosine
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